Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meal Planning

I made these weekly meal planning and grocery shopping papers to help me plan our meals and make my grocery shopping trips as efficient as possible. I love grocery lists that are organized by product type and store location. I don't particularly enjoy grocery shopping so I enjoy it even less when I reach the end of a trip only to realize the last item I need is at the other end of the store where I started my trip. Such inefficiencies pretty much guarantee that my little ones will have meltdowns in the check out line, if not before, and I like to avoid those at all costs. By organizing my lists by type of food I'm able to grab everything I need as I go and get out of there as soon as possible.

Another great feature of these lists, they increase husband efficiency too! I love to have my husband at home as much as possible because: 1) I love his company and 2) I'm a stay at home mom so any help and relief I can get is much appreciated. The sooner he can get home from a errand the better.

I made a general list:

And one that's personalized:

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I'm always looking for better and faster ways to do things so I'm curious, what tips and tricks do you use to meal plan and keep grocery trips as short as possible?