Friday, February 1, 2013

Office Inspiration

This is my current inspiration board for the office. The walls are close to the soft blue background color (on my monitor anyway), and the stenciling is in the light blue and white as opposed to what's pictured below.
I received the lamp (from PB Teen) a few days ago and adore it! It's so bright and colorful and adds a lot of fun and personality to the still-in-progress space. It's also currently sitting on the floor (unplugged) so the baby's getting a kick out of crawling over to it and banging all of the dangling little circles.
I decided to go with a metal tray table (from Ballard Designs) because I already have a lot of white furniture in this space. I thought the metal would be a nice accent and give a little more visual interest. Two chairs will flank the table, but those are supposed to arrive in early March... like I can wait that long!
I have some other things for the space including floating shelves, artwork, and cute little decorations, which I'll hopefully be able to share soon in my after pictures. Until then, here's what I've been working with...