Saturday, January 12, 2013

New House, New Bed

This bed used to be at my mom's house, and Grace was always very excited to sleep in it. However, when we moved into our new home my mom decided to give it to Grace for her new bedroom. It's been a huge hit as it has space for her Dora toddler bed below and a twin size mattress on top. It also has the lovely bookshelf and some storage compartments on the side, which has helped with organizing her books and many stuffed animals.

As you can probably tell, she was over joyed. My original plan for her room was to paint the baseboards white and do some kind of mural on the walls. I was thinking a pretty nature scene, but now that we know we're having another boy, and he and his older brother will only be 16 months apart Grace will probably be moving to a different (smaller) room soon. I don't think this news is going to go over too well, but her bed will go with her, of course, so hopefully that will soften the blow. Anyway, my home improvement ideas are currently on hold until we figure out where everyone's going to go.

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