Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello Smiles

With the new year comes the exciting task of planning, organizing, and baking for the various upcoming birthdays we will soon be celebrating. Within the span of three weeks we celebrate three birthdays, and now with our newest little addition on his way that number will increase to four. So if you want cake this spring now you know where to go.

Last year, my daughter requested a Hello Kitty cake. I also made Hello Kitty cake pops inspired by those I found on Bakerella's site. (Click here to visit her site. Just prepare to be amazed, inspired, and create a fun mess in the kitchen.)

These were my first attempt at cake pops, and while the first couple looked a little gruesome Grace didn't seem to mind at all.

After a little tweaking they got better.

As for the cake, I started by making my own fondant. I've used store bought fondant before, and I found it hard to color and difficult to work with so making my own seemed to be the only way to go.

 I added pink food coloring to create a pink ombre surprise for when the cake was cut.

And here's the final result.

 Grace now refers to her third birthday as her "Hello Kitty birthday" so I'll mark this one as a success. This year she wants to have a Tinkerbell birthday... let the planning begin!

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